Quiromancia Francisco (Palmistry)

Palmistry in Barcelona. Over 30 years experience

Francisco Rodríguez, doctor of Philosophy, degree in sociology and psychology. I have been engaged in palmistry for more than thirty years. More than 30.000 readings and many years of serious and in-depth research guarantee my work. I read palms as therapy. The main thing is to heal the soul and grow spiritually.

Palmistry is the telling of the future through the lines of the hand and is an interpretive art, the most difficult in the world of esoteric arts. Hand reading is the sum of cabbala, tarot and astrology.

Hands talk to me, by reading them I can help people get rid of their traumas and fears and the things which bother them and prevent them from being happy.

The lines and mounts of the palms of the hands are the diary of your personal history, a reflection of what you have lived through. Hands get marked by nervious cerebral impulses.

Books I have published: Total Palmistry. The Big Book of reading palms.  The magic of palms. Palmistry: the quiromancy of the XXI century. The art of interpreting palms. Practical palmistry method.

Call me now and start to improve your quality of life.

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